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Please fill out this short questionnaire. Alternatively you may also print this page and then fax or mail it to us.

How energy efficient is your building?

Super Insulated (R-30 walls, R-50 Ceilings....polyform, SIP, heavy fiberglass)
Good (R-19 walls, R-27 ceilings...6 inch walls, modern codes)
Fair (R-11 walls, R- 19 ceilings...well maintained, two by four walls)
Poor (Below fair....no insulation, lathe and plaster over brick walls)

Is this new construction or retrofit?

new retrofit

What is the low winter temperature in your area?

What type of system are you interested in installing?
See the System Types section of this web site for a description and schematics of the different types of systems. If you're not sure what type of system will work best for you, call us and we'll explain the differences and advantages of each.
An Open System. One water heater provides both your floor and domestic hot water.
Water Source: Municipal Private well
How many baths in your home?
A Closed System. A domestic water heater or boiler dedicated to heating the floor only.
Domestic water heater
A Heat Exchanger system. One heat source. Potable water for domestic use, Anti-freeze for the floor.

What fuel will you use for heating?

Oil Natural Gas Propane Wood Electricity Solar Geothermal

Zone Information

Very often one zone per floor works well because radiant heat is very even. The temperature in all the rooms tends to equilibrate. But, if you have a lifestyle (cooler bedrooms, rarely used spaces) or architectural (sunroom, lots of windows) reason to keep one area of a given floor noticeably warmer or cooler than the rest of the space..then multiple zones make sense.

Zone 1

Please give a name to this zone (i.e. kid's rooms, hall, bath; entire 1st floor; kitchen,living, dining; etc.)

What is the square footage of the heating zone?

Where will radiant tubing will be installed?
In a concrete slab on grade
Suspended slab (a thin slab poured over an existing floor). Will you be using sleepers? Yes No (If undecided see Notes on the Suspended Slab)
Within floor joists (stapled to the bottom of the sub-floor)
      Joist spacing? 16" 12" 24" Other:
Floor coverings:
Wall to wall carpet
Area rugs
Architectural details?
Lots of Windows
Cathedral Ceilings

If you need more than 1 zone enter the number of additional zones here:
You will be provided with additional space once you submit this form.

Do you need a Fast Track proposal?

Check here if you have a construction deadline in the next few weeks:
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