Radiant Installation Photo Wall

Here are some examples of installations by our customers, many very innovative.

Oasis Kennel
A kennel in northern Vermont featuring a radiant slab and snow melt.
Hamilton Sunroom
The tubing installed in an unconventionally shaped slab.
Don Bruce
A beautifully installed two zone heat exchanger system.
John Duncan
An excellent above floor installation. This technique uses plywood sleepers custom fitted around a 1/2″ PEX tubing layout.
The Nitty Gritty
For some customers, getting get down and dirty is a small price to pay for radiant luxury.
Barton Fairground
Two unconventional variations of a standard radiant installation.
Hiding Your Mechanical Components
Sometimes hiding the hardware in the middle of your heated space is the best way to go.
The Ledger Method
When there’s no access from below and raising the floor is undesirable, this technique can’t be beat.
The Radiantly Heated Hot Tub
Sometimes the heat from the floor is diverted for other uses.
Spencer Webb
A meticulously rendered work of plumbing art. Who says do it yourselfers can’t mimic the work of master plumbers?
Working in Winter….for next Winter
Rain, snow, sleet? Nothing stops our intrepid do it yourselfers!
Electric Radiant in the Basement
A blog about installing hydronic radiant with an electric heat source.