Return Policy & Warranty

Return Policy

Returns are subject to a 25% restock fee. No refunds after 90 days from date of purchase. Shortages and damages MUST be reported within 5 days of delivery.

Our tubing is warrantied for a full 35 years. Our circulator pumps carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months from date of purchase. Our solid state relays are warrantied for 3 years. (see below for full text of our Limited Warranty)

Takagi on-demand water heaters come with a 10-15 year limited warranty (depending on model) on the heat exchanger and 5 year warranty for parts.

The Polaris water heater carries a 10 year limited warranty on its stainless steel tank.Seido Evacuated Tube Collectors come with a 5 year warranty.

Radiant Floor Company
Limited Warranty

Radiant Floor Company warrants to the original installer, for a period of 35 years from the date of installation, that its underfloor heat exchanger tubing and its manifolds are free from any defects in material and workmanship, if properly installed and operated pursuant to Radiant Floor Company’s Design and Installation Manual.

If during the period of this Limited Warranty any defects in materials or workmanship are discovered, and which result in failures in service, Radiant Floor Company will provide free of charge and freight, a quantity of tubing and/or manifolds equal to that acknowledged by Radiant Floor Company to be defective. Radiant Floor Company will also pay reasonable direct labor charges up to $3.00 per linear foot, which charges are incurred on the job site and which are directly related to the repairing or replacing of the tubing and/or manifolds acknowledged to be defective.

This Warranty does not apply to defects in materials or workmanship or failures of service resulting from mechanical damage, shipping damage, improper installation and improper operation, including but not limited to, using water temperatures and pressures higher than recommended by Radiant Floor Company. This Warranty also does not apply to any defects or failures in service when installation has not been in accordance with the Design and Installation Manual as prepared and provided by the Radiant Floor Company.

Any claims under this Warranty must be made by the original installer to the Radiant Floor Company at: Radiant Floor Company, P.O. Box 666, Barton, VT 05822, within 60 days of the discovery of any defect in material or workmanship. A claim shall be made by sending the company a description of the claimed defect, along with an actual sample of the tubing alleged to be defective. The section of tubing sent to Radiant Floor Company must contain the name Radiant Floor Company and the month, day, and year of manufacture, both of which are printed on the tubing provided by Radiant Floor Company. Any manifold alleged to be defective must be returned to Radiant Floor Company for inspection.

The term installer, as used in this Limited Warranty, includes the homeowner who purchased and installed or caused to be installed the underfloor heat exchanger tubing and/or manifolds supplied by the Radiant Floor Company. The term installer does not apply to any subsequent purchaser of the real estate upon or in which the radiant floor heating system is located. This Warranty will become null and void if the materials provided by Radiant Floor Company are not installed, maintained and operated pursuant to the Radiant Floor Company Design and Installation Manual.

This Warranty may not be modified except in writing and is for the sole benefit of the original installer, and shall not create any other rights, except as specifically stated herein, against the Radiant Floor Company or any other person. If you have any questions about the coverage of this Limited Warranty, contact Radiant Floor Company at the address and/or telephone numbers above.