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Radiant Floor Company will provide a detailed worksheet for your project explaining the amount of tubing in each zone, the spacing, gallons in the floor, heat loss, pump size and setting etc. and this is used in conjunction with our installation manual, installation video and website information. We can also provide drawings to assist with your pex installation, We will (however) need scaled drawings for both the slab and floor joist installation. These drawings are used a guide, as you may make modifications to better field fit, if needed. For detailed options, see Installation/Useful Tips/Tubing Layout service. Go to:

Radiant Floor Company radiant heating systems are pre-assembled, we break them down to ship them (of course). They are then re-assembled by the Home owner / end user. Instructions are provided. If you prefer to hire someone to install your system, we suggest hiring a local handyman, etc and we will be happy to work with them directly!

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See the System Types section of this web site for a description and schematics of the different types of systems. If you're not sure what type of system will work best for you, call us and we'll explain the differences and advantages of each.

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Very often one zone per floor works well because radiant heat is very even. The temperature in all the rooms tends to equilibrate. But, if you have a lifestyle or architectural reasons (cooler bedrooms, rarely used spaces, sunrooms, lots of windows) to keep one area of a given floor noticeably warmer or cooler than the rest of the space... then multiple zones make sense. Don't know what zones you might need? It's ok. This section is optional. Fill it out best you can and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Go ahead and fill out this form for your first five zones. If you require 6 or more zones please call us at 1-866-Warm-Toes (866-927-6863) so that we may assist you with your larger project needs. Actually, you might want to do that right now!

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