Gas Water Heaters: The Polaris

The Polaris is a “tank-type” water heater. It heats water at 96% efficiency, slightly better than the Takagi on-demand unit. But because the Polaris stores 50 gallons of hot water, it suffers from “stand-by heat loss” and that fact lowers its overall efficiency.

Polaris Water Heater

Polaris Water Heater

The upfront cost of a Polaris is also high due to its stainless steel tank. However, the Polaris has proved to be a consistently reliable machine and if your heating requirements approach 100,000 BTU’s or greater, the Polaris will start to pay for itself with fuel savings from the moment you fire it up.

Its many excellent features include, as mentioned, an all stainless steel tank, an igniter instead of a wasteful pilot light, a rating of 130,000 BTUs (or up to 199,000 on some models) and, of course, its amazing efficiency. The Polaris is a high recovery water heater, making over 160 gallons of hot water per hour! In most homes, one Polaris can heat plenty of water for all domestic needs AND provide 100% of the home’s heating. The Polaris comes with a 10 year warranty on the stainless steel tank and shipping is free.

If you’re considering a tank-type water, the Polaris can’t be beat.