Good afternoon JF,

First, I would like to thank you for the time that you recently took to assist me in troubleshooting my open, slab on grade system in my garage. I did purchase the recommended Grundfos pump from Radiant Floor Company after speaking with you and the system now works flawlessly!

If I have one recommendation for do it yourselfers like myself out there it is this: these systems are very simple, so don’t over-complicate them. Consulting with the experts at Radiant Floor Company and purchasing their well-researched and tried and true products will guarantee a successful outcome and a satisfactory experience!

I tried to use components that I had leftover from other projects to save a few dollars and in the long-run I ended up wasting time, money and becoming extremely frustrated!

When I installed the Radiant Floor Company products the system worked perfectly. I now have a very evenly heated garage that runs off of my 50 gallon hot water heater that also serves my domestic hot water needs. Although it has not been extremely cold for a long period of time in NJ yet, my hot water heater barely runs to maintain 70 degrees in my garage. And there is plenty of hot water left for multiple back to back showers and then some! Thanks JF and Radiant Floor Company!

Shawn M. Kroll