We are thrilled with the price, the self-installation, and the final result of our Radiant Floor Company heating system. We used 7/8″ tubing throughout in the slab and in the attic trusses.

We are especially thankful for the Radiant Floor Company technical support. I had never plumbed or sweated a pipe before, so all this was new to me. But they walked me through the steps and were always helpful on the phone. The project stretched over a long period of time, and so I made use of their tech support from the initial consultation all the way through the installation of the system at various stages.

There is so much to like about it. For one, we are not wasting space (and money) throughout the house with duct work. And we don’t have air and dust blowing around with forced air heat. We also expect to save on energy.

I did most of the work myself, with help from our homeschooled 13 year old boy Tommy. It took some time and work. Laying tubing was a two man job. But we are now the envy of every guest that comes over.

Jon R. Mutchler
December 2004