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Dear Radiant People:  I had to write to thank you. I just went to install my last of 10- 400 foot roll boxes and out pops a great surprise. I am wearing the shirt now, the knife could not be more useful as for the video, a little late but your help on the phone has been so good I did not need it.

I am finishing my last of 80 cubic yards of concrete tomorrow and will be hooking up the system soon.
You folks are a delight to do business with. Your service and product are exceptional.
Thank you for warm toes.

Jeff Kahn

Well the heat is finally on!! Working great. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. You and your company have been wonderful. I am spreading the word, hopefully it will get you more business.
I am returning the 100 unused aluminum sheets (they are in perfect condition). Please let me know you got them ok.
Thanks again, it has truly been a pleasure.

Amy jorgenson

Now that all the work has been done, my wife and I are very happy with the heating of our house. I still don’t fully understand how the heat comes through the floor but, MAN!! it sure is warm. On one of the coldest days when our outside temperature was 18 degrees, the one zone we had on line actually heated the whole house.

John Johnston

Your package of parts and instructions made the job easy. It’s harder to put a bike together! I am extremely impressed with your company’s help and your website has the answers to the questions I had. We absolutely love the radiant floor heat. It’s like a heating pad on your feet.

Bill Stock
Wind Lake, Wisconsin

Bill,  The replacement section just arrived for my RadiantReady board. Thanks so much for the rapid turn around.  It is a pleasure to work with a company that stands behind their product – and does it with a smile. I will do my best to send more work your way.

Stephen Smith
Aspers, PA

Hi Bill, I sourced out a couple of the extra components I needed here in town and completed the plumbing on Saturday night late. Everything went great! My floor started at about 37F and 12 hours later it was at 73F. Return temp to my boiler is easily maintained at ~140 and my floor supply was easily balanced at ~127F.

Thanks again for your help you guys are great!


Thanks again for your help and providing all the materials for the DIY. My mechanical contractor told me he would have charged about $35,000 for doing my installation. I’m in for around $6000 so it has been a great savings and will add comfort and value to my home.

Brian Padgett, Legacy Modernization


I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you provided. My electrician was more than impressed with the support he got from you and the Radiant Floor Company in general.

Grant Parnell

I cannot thank you enough for your ‘above the call of duty’ help and support. I work with suppliers in my business often and rarely find the willingness and dogged persistence you have shown. Your company is and will continue to be recommended highly to those customers of mine that ask. Thanks again. I’ll send some pics of this install. Its a beauty.

Dave Bailey
Bailey Improvements

Hello Everyone at Radiant Floor Company,

we just wanted to send a friendly email to give your company praise on the great customer service and helpfulness we received. In the fall of 2012 my brother and I purchased a Takagi tankless water heater from your company to install in my mothers house to replace her boiler and conventional water heater. Everyone we talked to was extremely helpful and very willing to help with all of our lengthy in-depth questions, well above and beyond anyone else we contacted while researching products. I live in Michigan and the unit arrived on my doorstep within three days. We installed the heater and the temperature range was lower than expected. The unit was a brand new model and the manufacturer had changed the temperature range. We called back with our problem and you made every effort to rectify the situation. Upgrading to a radiant floor system was the best option and your company helped us with every aspect of the upgrade. We are so grateful for all the supplies and advice that were so graciously offered to us. My moms home is incredible warm and her propane bill is less than half the amount before the install. She is thrilled and we could not have done it without your help. This type of customer service is very rare these days and you guys nailed it.


Dan and Nick Whitehead