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Hi Rick,

I finally had a chance to complete those changes you suggested. As you recall I had asked about the lack of flow in the system which required a drill pump to jump start. Your diagnosis was dead on. I replaced the braided hoses leading to and from the heater and all seems well. Flick the power switch on the pump and the system kicks in without hesitation.

I have to commend you guys once more on your after sales service. It has taken me about three years to build the house and I have been in contact with Radiant on and off as the various parts got installed and without fail I have found you willing to answer questions. I have dealt with three reps at this point and all of you have been equally forthcoming with information and help. I recommend Radiant to everybody who inquiries about my heating system.

Thanks for your help.


Rudy Gelderblom

Well Bill

I don’t know what to tell you.  We ran the heat at 65 and had to reset to 60.  Still too hot.  The water in the lines stayed at 80 for 4 days and is at 60 now after 9 days.  The extra insulation and artic foil really did the job.  The other day it was 85 outside and 62 inside and holding.  What a system.  I will take pics and send them to you.  Also, the condensing boiler has only fired up 2 or three times and now won’t until the fall.  So I will let you know then.  If you need some small testimonial, let me know.  Thanks for everything.

Randy Routzahn

Good Morning Radiant Floor Company:

          I am Leonard Harris from St. Louis, MO. I recently inquired about your product and received a quote via mail in a very timely matter, which I certainly appreciated. I became aware of your system through the Fine Homebuilding magazine and I was curious as to how it really works. Talking with Bill Northey was a great help in understanding how the system works but receiving the additional material in the mail was even greater. After understanding how your product works my next concern was the details and particulars on the installation and yesterday I received the information in the mail. So I just wanted to let you guys know and Bill in particular that I appreciate the way you guys handle business.

Thanks again,

Leonard Harris

I’m happy to say we got the system in over the weekend and it
Is working great… We are able to maintain a nice temp in the
House w/ with no insulation in the walls and floor… We expect
It to only get better!

I can’t say enough about both you and the company you work for, the support
Is better than any other I have worked w/ local or web based.  I really
value the fact that the person who answers the phone, answers my questions…
Even my plumber was impressed and learned a lot! :)

Thanks again and have a great day!
— Kevin

Hey Jon,

…everything is up and running beautifully! Not only do I have domestic hot water without turning on my heat, my flow has nearly doubled so that all my faucets trigger the Takagi Jr.

Thank you for all your help in this endeavor. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into and learned a ton throughout this adventure.

I’ve recommended you to several of my friends who are thinking about going radiant and hopefully you’ll get a few more customers out of all the time you spent working with me on this one.

Thanks again and may the force be with you.


Please pass this to your company president.

I recently installed a radiant system in my home, and I am very satisfied with the professional and competent assistance I received throughout the process, especially from one of your employees (Art).

During final installation, I realized that the manner in which I configured my system (see attached) was not consistent with your typical recommendations, and I was having difficulty with system flow capacity.

Despite this, Art spent an extensive amount of time and exercised a great deal of patience working with me to troubleshoot and resolve the situation. I could not now ask for a better result.

I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.

Thank you.

Darren J. Hanson
Seattle, WA

This letter is to thank Seneca and the Radiant Floor Company for the quality of service and materials that was given to me on my recent purchase.

I recently built a new home, in which I wanted a radiant floor heating system in. From the very first day I contacted the Radiant Floor Company the knowledge and service was top notch.

I had many changes before the system fit my needs, but you guys were patient and helpful the entire time. I made many phone calls to Seneca during the installation process with questions and concerns and he was right on top of things every time. He is very generous and knowledgeable. I could not ask for a better experience than the one he provided for me.

I am not a professional plumber by any means, but when the system was complete it sure looks as if I was. I have had many compliments on the system and many people are amazed at how good it works. You people at the Radiant Floor Company deserve much recognition for the service that you have provided me. Seneca has pictures on file of finished product.

Once again thank you Seneca and The Radiant Floor Company.

Joe Benvenuto
Monroe, MI


Good afternoon JF,

First, I would like to thank you for the time that you recently took to assist me in troubleshooting my open, slab on grade system in my garage. I did purchase the recommended Grundfos pump from Radiant Floor Company after speaking with you and the system now works flawlessly!

If I have one recommendation for do it yourselfers like myself out there it is this: these systems are very simple, so don’t over-complicate them. Consulting with the experts at Radiant Floor Company and purchasing their well-researched and tried and true products will guarantee a successful outcome and a satisfactory experience!

I tried to use components that I had leftover from other projects to save a few dollars and in the long-run I ended up wasting time, money and becoming extremely frustrated!

When I installed the Radiant Floor Company products the system worked perfectly. I now have a very evenly heated garage that runs off of my 50 gallon hot water heater that also serves my domestic hot water needs. Although it has not been extremely cold for a long period of time in NJ yet, my hot water heater barely runs to maintain 70 degrees in my garage. And there is plenty of hot water left for multiple back to back showers and then some! Thanks JF and Radiant Floor Company!

Shawn M. Kroll

Hi JF,
I just wanted to write about our radiant floor install. You worked with me over 2 years to get started and we are finally coming on line.

Even though I pressure tested it at the time [I poured], I was a bit worried about how the tubes and fittings I had put under the cement two years ago would perform. Well, not to worry. The new shop and sewing room are the warmest in our house.

In fact, it is so nice out there we moved our Thanksgiving Dinner for 20 into the new shop. I had to string extension cords because the circuits are not all done yet. We used Christmas lights for decorations and additional lighting.

All the comments from our guests were about how nice the heat was…not about the dry wall screws or hanging wired in the ceiling. [Our friend] is planning a new home and was very impressed. I gave him your company’s address.

Just wanted to say thanks,

A.K. Skijor

Dear Mr. Gebauer,

We are very pleased with our system, and have not only enjoyed the heat, but the cost as well, as it is minimal. We are very happy with our choice to use your system, and already recommend it to anyone we know who is interested in having an in-floor heating system.


Bernard H. Franzel