Slab Manifold

A copper manifold used to distribute heated fluid to a concrete slab. Slab manifolds come in many configurations, the simplest being the “1-loop” manifold. This is simply a supply connection to a single loop of tubing and its return. A “6-loop” manifold is generally the largest. Bigger than “6-loop”, and the manifold becomes unwieldy. Imagine 6 supply connections and 6 return connections on one manifold and you’ll get the idea. Super large zones will often use multiple manifolds spread throughout the heated space to achieve coverage. Slab manifolds should do more than split one supply and one return

into multiple branches. An important component of our slab manifolds is the pressure-testing feature. Testing for leaks prior to pouring a slab is mandatory. Also, the box containing our manifold acts as the form around which you pour the concrete. This creates a “manifold well” in the finished slab and keeps the multiple connections below floor level. Everything remains visible and accessible, but only the supply and return pipes stick up above the slab. Concrete never touches the copper manifold.